Boston->New York AIDS Ride

Monday, September 18, 1995


Amtrak Ticket

What an anti-climax. Woke up. Had a lunch date. Walked around Central Park and caught the train home. It's really over.

The End

That's it. That's the story. When you immerse yourself so completely in something like this, it leaves a definite void when it's over. But what an experience. I feel good for having done it (and for being able to do it) and enjoyed it immensely.

So, I would like to thank you all again very very much for allowing me to go. There are more rides planned, so if you find out that there is one in your area, think about going. I know there are plans next year for MinneapolisChicago, OrlandoMiami, PhiladelphiaDC, somewhere in Texas and to repeat San FranciscoLA and BostonNY.


I'm really sorry if I left someone out, but here you all are and here's how I (originally) know you (even though you might not be there any longer):

Aardvark Systems & Programming, Agency Lillian Beean, Learningways
Kamal Bijlani, Learningways Betsy Blagdon, Learningways
Jennifer Brissett, Learningways Carl Brooks, Jr., Wang Labs
Scott Burridge, Learningways CI Software, Agency
Ean Crawford, Neighbor Roger Davis, Brother
Gene & Anna Belle Davis, Parents Janet Dracksdorf, Learningways
Deb Dubiner, ISG Eric Edelstein &
Luke Vaughn, BACHMAN
The Eliassen Group, Agency Liz First, Neighbor
Julie Hackett, Cousin Mike Hagan, ISG
Bill Henneman, Learningways Wendy Klemyk, BACHMAN
Laura Koller, Learningways Cory Lowder, Logica
Clifton Luke, Learningways Judee Malis, Agency
Margaret Menzies, ON Technology Chuck Olsen, Learningways
Jon Reeve, High School (!) Bruce Riddle, Uncle
Rex Riddle, Uncle Laura Rosen, Bitstream
Leslie Ruckert, Learningways Susan Schoenberg, Learningways
Carl Spagnoli, Learningways Kathy Wheeler, BACHMAN

Todd Davis
Boston, Massachusetts
September, 1995

Mr. Jenkins says "The ride needs you too"

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