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Billy died on January 9, 2008.

He is the best friend I ever had.


Buddy Dog Humane Society
Buddy Dog Humane Society

My name is Billy. I was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Massachusetts in March of 1995. I was about six months old then. This really cool guy adopted me and now we live in the South End of Boston.

Billy says: Please don't support pet stores. There are millions of dogs, cats, and other loving, healthy animals waiting to be adopted at your local shleter. Here is just one reason why.
Whippet Basenji
Whippet Basenji

Like most Americans, I'm a mutt. My Mom was a Whippet. My Dad could be a Basenji or maybe a Pharoah hound, or, well, who knows, really?

I have the body size and shape of a whippet including the cute way we hold our tails, and an interest in chasing vermin. But my ears are erect and I have the coloring of a basenji or Pharoah hound. I have no interest in Kleenex, so maybe I'm not a basenji after all.

Anti-Squirrel Coalition
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I work for a company called Finial Software. They call me a mascot, but I actually work very hard. I keep everyone safe from squirrels while they are working. It's a tough job.

Squirrels are evil. I keep a sharp look out for them out the window so that they don't interrupt the creative flow. They're sneaky. You can't doze off for a minute!

Keeping an eye out for evil squirrels.
The Visionary

When you're a high powered executive like me, you need to train your staff how best to meet your needs. It takes a lot of work keeping this company, and indeed the world, safe from marauding squirrels. Here are some books you can get your staff that will help them keep you in top form.


The Well Dog Book How to be Your Dog's Best Friend Good Owners, Great Dogs
The Well Dog Book : The Classic Comprehensive Handbook of Dog Care
by Terri McGinnis DVM
How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend : A Training Manual for Dog Owners
by Monks of the Brotherhood of St. Francis (The Monks of New Skeet)
Good Owners Great Dogs
by Brian Kilcommons

Looking for the UPS guyAmong my other duties is to keep a sharp lookout for the UPS guy.

On GuardEverybody here works very hard. When they need to nap, I make sure the place stays squirrel free.

In order to keep up this hectic pace, a good 16 - 18 hours of sleep per night is absolutely essential. (Yes, I did hurt my foot, but it's all better now.)